Brown Bag 2023 Sessions

March 20, 21 and 22 - New Orleans - Harrah's Hotel

Day 1

Yuval Asheri VP Product XPA. 

1. Using GIT, Compare and Merge, suggested development methodologies,           pipelines.

2. JSON creation and manipulation.

3. Docker current offering and future plans.

4. 4.9 overview and near future plans.


Day 2 and 3 Sessions

1 - Laura Masoner - Introduction to working with Web Client.  Migrating from XPA3.3 to 4.8


2 - Alan Wildauer  - Magic xpa Tips and Tricks - Pain and Experience

Learn from a long time magician tips and tricks of Magic xpa.  If you are looking for tips based on pain and experience, this session is for you.  Alan will discuss challenging road blocks that were solved with creative xpa coding.  This will be in interactive session so Alan will take both ideas and suggestions from the group as well for discussion.


3 - Jason Thomas  - Custom .NET Form Control in XPA

Demonstrating how to write a Simple .NET control in C#.  Then implementing that control on an XPA form.  This demo will include basic creation and compile of a simple Control.  How to add events to the control, such as user-clicked; and how to handle these events in XPA.  As well as how to pass data between the control and XPA.


4 - Nico Bullorini  - Magic xpa and LicenseSpring application license management

LicenseSpring is a SaaS which allows for controlling end user application access via issued licenses.  See how to integrate the LicenseSpring .Net SDK with Magic xpa and options for initial activation and authorization of user real time licensing.  LicenseSpring also support mobile app license control.


5 - Steven Blank  - Magic Resource DLL Maker

  • What is a Resource-Only DLL and why might you want one?

  • How to store Bitmaps, Icons, and Memory Table images, away from prying eyes and mischievous meddling, using Magic Resource Maker.

  • How to incorporate these protected resources in your application.

6 - Brenda Bullorini - Working with Magic XPI

     Consuming and providing SOAP web services
     Consuming REST APIs
     Communication with XPA
     Scheduled tasks
     Database integration (how to select/insert/update/delete)


7 - Todd Baremore -  XPA 4.8 RIA Android offline interactive maps in a browser control that communicate with the Magic application on the tablet/phone.  This solution does not use the Google Maps API.  Even if you don't have a GIS requirement for your mobile app, this session may be  helpful in developing offline capabilities for your RIA Mobile application.


8 - Roberto Ramirez -  Magic Toolbox

A set of utilities created by Roberto to make  working with XPA more productive.


9 - Sherman Levine -  Working with curl


10 - Charles Coe  - Microsoft SQL Server Tuning the easy way

Surely Magic is not slow, and your code is amazing, so what else is causing your code to be slow?  Microsoft SQL Server tracks a ton of information and is supposed to be self tuning (it's not), but unlocking the needed info is difficult.  Learn about a free tool to easily identify your slowest, most used and CPU time expensive queries, makes suggestions for index improvements and finally writes the new index suggestions for you.


11 - All - Discussion of desired new features/capabilities and bug fixes.


12 - Magic Wish List Compilation - Our conference brainstorming session on features we want and need added to xpa submitted directly to Magic.


Bonus session - Problem Solving Session - This is your chance to show the group any problems you may be experiencing and getting the collective wisdom and experience of the group to help solve your problem.  If you are new to Magic XPA, this session will make it worth the trip.


Registered Attendees

Charles Coe

Todd Baremore

Keith Canniff

Laura Masoner

Brenda Bullorini

Nicholas Bullorini

Kevin Bladsacker

       Roberto Ramirez

       Craig Martin

Alex Medvedovski

Sherman Levine

Marc Gauthier

Steven Blank

Mike McMillin

Robert McMillin

Jason Thomas

       Etienne Blanchat

       Erick Lanford Xenes

Shawn Stone

Mike Moore

Sherrie Fry - The one and only

Mario Caycedo

Mark Walker

Alan Wildauer

Wes Hein

Michel Maurice

Michael Charles
Jørgen Pedersen
Michael Stornelli

Yuval Asheri














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